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Weld process monitoring
yields enhanced productivity

Embedding a monitoring system within a welding platform has upped the ante for value in the high-tech welding equipment industry. That’s because actionable welding information is a powerful tool in the quest for continuous improvement; it drives productivity improvements and enhances quality, all leading to lower overall fabrication costs.

ITW Miller Electric’s new Axcess® E with Insight™ is an advanced MIG welding system with a fully integrated monitoring capability right within the power source. It features the ability to govern the fabrication of each part, on a weld-by-weld basis. The result? Reduction in mistakes: each weld is noted in accordance with preset parameters so it is easy to detect missed welds, under-welding, over-welding, and more. Potential defects are identified: the Insight Centerpoint™ software can be configured to notify the operator if a weld hasn’t met expectations for current voltage, wire feed speed, duration and more, enabling corrective action before the part leaves the welding cell.

Weld monitoring also offers tremendous value for many diverse functions within an organization. From operator to plant management, each area has different needs and requirements. The Axcess E accommodates those varied customer needs with highly flexible, customizable, easy-to-access welding data and monitoring capabilities. The integrated technology of the system provides critical information to those who can benefit from it the most. And any machine in the fleet can be accessed via a web-based application virtually anywhere in the world.

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